Original watercolor art and prints by Lisa Marie Samaha
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Artist Statement   Artist Statement


Through the exploration of my artistic talent, I discovered places within myself that I had long denied. Early on, I was lured to paint only peace and beauty – the fullness, delicacy and vibrancy of flowers and all of nature and the innocence in the faces of children. Such painting is natural, satisfying and easy for me, most often evoking a joyful, transcendent feeling within. In recent years, through compelling instruction, I have been led to journey to a deeper, increasingly complex place – one that includes exploration of the abstract. This discipline has led me to enhanced expression and versatility in my art, enabling me to achieve newfound freedom and courage for experimentation. Painting in the abstract realm may appear to contact a certain abandon. Such is not always the case. For me, a tremendous amount of energy was initially required as I was pushed to a level of creativity that drew me into a deep, mysterious and soulful place; a place where my conscious mind rarely ventured. Over time, I began to relax into the abstract realm and it became more and more attractive to me. I grew in the spontaneity that had been dormant since early childhood.  I now welcome moments to paint outside the lines and colors of reality, a place where there are no bounds.

Over the years, I have come to enjoy diversity of style and technique and remain in continual search of new opportunity.   I have yet to determine a style of artistic expression that defines my work, and hope I never will. Creativity knows no limits. It grows with us, through us, and reflects the many aspects of our personality. Consistently, creativity encourages one’s personal growth, both emotionally and spiritually.


Through my own artistic development, I have come to the awareness that deep within each of us resides a talent and need for artistic expression. When the creative spirit of one’s soul is denied, the soul becomes prey to stress and chaos.  Many years ago, my art offered me a way to journey beyond a place in my life that was nearly devoid of spiritual growth; it offered me healing at a fractured time. My art continues to prompt dealing and growth in all aspects of my life; it is also reflective of my growth.


Instead of engaging ourselves as participants, some of us remain mere observers of art. In so doing, we limit our experience of the outside world, and more importantly, the magnificence of the world within ourselves. My constant prayer is that when each of us encounters a work of art, we come closer to touching the depth of our own creative spirit, thus making it possible to deepen our spiritual connection to the universe and its awesome, masterful Creator.


“Creativity is… being… a playmate with God.” – Michele Shea

From The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


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