Original watercolor art and prints by Lisa Marie Samaha
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Enjoy the thoughtful words from happy patrons.  Be assured that your

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Visionary Expression" in her portraits. "Great work and pieces"
Curt J.

"Depth and motion".."powerful truth"..."graceful"

"Brilliant colors"..."Exquisite, delicate"
Jim K.

"I lost myself in the warmth and coolness"
Ivy L.

"Beautiful use of color and shape".."Nice, clean, brilliant"
Diana R.

Re: Her landscapes - "let me hear the forest"
Re: Her religious - "Feelings of grief with a sense of hope"
Re: Her dancers - "I can see him dancing in my mind"
Crissy D.

"Serenity, sentiment"..."Energy and color harmony"
Libby J.

Re: Nature scenes - "Peace, love, tranquility and perfection of creation"
John R.

"Bright, happy, uplifting"
Pat H.

Re: Portraits - "She captured a smile that lights up the earth!"..."Strong
and gentle compositions"
Janice P.

"Her art represents both truth and beauty"
Julian C.

"Dynamic good balance of striking colors and angles"
Helena M.

"Deep, profound, intriguing, complex, soul-searching,
detailed."..."Technical excellence combined with
intuitive inspiration!"
Jeff S.

"Lisa Marie is definitely using the gifts God has given her to
glorify His Name. She exudes the joy and peace
of our Savior."
Judy T.

"Enough detail to anchor, enough elusiveness to intrigue"...Solid but not aggressive"
Sarah L.

"Her artwork is so colorful and cheerful!"...Christopher's reproductions
are excellent. I thought they were originals!"
Sheila B.

"She channels her creativity and joy of life through her art"
Michael D.

"Lisa Marie's watercolors just simply make me happy. Each piece
reminds me of all the beauty our planet has. Lisa Marie's works
are just that real."...."I look at awe at the art work both Lisa Marie and
Christopher (in the fine art reproductions) create. Both have been
blessed with great talent and I for one am extremely grateful
for their desire to share their talents with us."
Rene D.

"Bright, lovely, beautifully rendered"
Susan T

Re: Abstracts - "Whimsical and vibrant!"..."Full of emotion"
Deana O.

"Great use of abstract symmetry"
Marvin H.

Re: Religious - "Profound compassion portrayed."..."Life-giving"...
"Colorful yet serene presentations"
Jeff S.

Re: Religious - "Extraordinary interpretation!"
Frank J.

Re: Portraits - "She has captured his soul"
Gina P.

Re: Abstract Landscapes - "A fresh, spontaneous manner"..."Capturing the
essence of the subject matter and quick wonderful sketches"..."Dares
to use her creative juices in such a variety of ways!"
Donna F.

Re: Portraits - "Captures how a child looks through her mother's eyes"
Debbie H.

Re: Religious - "Touches my heart so deeply - captures the pain"
Re: Mediterranean - "She has captured the feeling, the atmosphere of the Mediterranean!"
Patrice T.

Re: Animenagerie Series - "A gift for all ages"..."They make me smile all the way
inside myself"
Francie P.

Re: Portraits - "Her portraits are inspired!"
Joe M.

"I am amazed at the way Lisa Marie makes the picture look as if it were easy to paint.
Knowing that watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums, she has a gift putting
objects and colors together. When I look at the Abstract Landscapes and Inspirationals, I feel a sense of peace and serenity. There is a part of her in each painting that makes me feel at home....a scenic view of tranquility. Something we all look to find in everyday life. Lisa Marie has found it and expressed it in her artistry. I thank her for the gift she has shared with me."
Janet R.

"In Breakfast in Provence, she has captured the moist quality
of the eager-to-be-eaten olives."
John B.

"Lisa Marie paints with sensitivity to her subjects -
both the emotional and the physical aspects."
Donna F.

"I admire her ability to dare to use her creative juices in such a variety of ways!"
Donna F.

"Colorful, vibrant, passionate"
Barry G.

"Profound compassion shown. ...holy, inspired work!
...deep, comforting colors expressed. ...life giving themes.
...colorful, yet serene."
Jeffrey S.

Re: Religious - "Extraordinary interpretation in religious portraits."
Re: Portrait of his daughter - "Only a mother's love could create
such a materpiece...as seen only thru a mother's eyes."
Frank J.

"Lisa Marie captures the essence of the Mediterranean...the feeling,
the atmosphere of people and the places."
Marcia P.

"Her portraits are truly inspired!"
Helene J.

"Her animenagerie series is neat and cute..fun...whimsical."
Trish R.